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The Ongoing Problem Of Nursing Home Neglect

Every year, over two million incidences of elder abuse are reported in Ohio and across the United States. Unfortunately, many of these victims are often unable to speak for themselves because of physical, mental or emotional impairments.

As a family member, the burden falls on you to not only protect your loved one, but to take legal action and hold nursing homes liable for unjust treatment.

In these cases, an assertive and dogged attorney is the best recourse — calling nursing home operators on their indifference and obtaining financial compensation and emotional closure for your family.

That's Michael B. Pasternak's calling as a lawyer. For over 25 years, he has been the voice for those who can't speak for themselves. He is committed to his clients and committed to results.

Case Study: When Nursing Homes Put Money Above Your Loved One's Safety

An elderly man suffering from diabetes lived in a nursing home. The staff placed him in a bed in which he did not fit. As a result, the ill fitting bed caused a cut on his heel. The wound would not heal and became infected. As his condition deteriorated, the only treatment was to amputate the man's foot.

The negligence of not providing a proper bed for Michael's client, led to a horrible outcome Michael's client was forced to have his foot amputated.

Michael B. Pasternak filed a nursing home neglect lawsuit. Soon after, he recovered $1.2 million for his client.

Your Loved One Deserves Better

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