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What can a family member do to prevent nursing home neglect?

In a previous post, we discussed a common ailment among nursing home residents: bedsores. These are a category of pressure-induced ulcers on the skin, which can be a sign of neglectful treatment by caregivers.

In this article, we discuss some techniques family members of a nursing home resident can employ to help ensure their loved one is cared for properly.

How Ohio is taking Big Pharma to court

Vinton County is an unassuming rural region about 70 miles south of Columbus. As the least populated county in Ohio, it’s possible you’ve never even heard of it. Yet Vinton County is a leading example of how devastating the effects of opioid addiction can be on a community.

In Vinton County, a whopping 25 percent of the local government’s budget goes toward dealing with opioid-related consequences—incarcerating drug offenders, providing medical care for drug abusers and caring for addicts’ children. That’s $1 million for a population of just 13,000.

How to create an enforceable non-compete agreement in Ohio

An employer in any industry has the right to require their employees to sign a non-compete agreement—a contract in which the employee promises not to work in competition with the employer, in the event that the employee leaves the company.

However, employers do not have free reign to draft any restrictions they want. According to the Supreme Court of Ohio, for a non-compete agreement to be enforceable, the terms of it must be reasonable.

When business partners argue

Like a family, many business partners find success by putting all of their emotions and dreams into the partnership. It is only to be expected from driven, entrepreneurial people. But those emotions can run too high when there is a dispute between partners.

The same commitment to success that all partners bring to the business has to be matched by a commitment to work things out. The way to do that is with a defined procedure for resolving disputes as part of the partnership agreement. If there isn’t one in place, creating a resolution process can be the first step towards restoring harmony.

East Cleveland Three: civil recourse after wrongful imprisonment

Imagine you've been arrested for a murder you didn't commit. You sit through your trial, thinking the justice system will protect you. Instead, you're convicted--sentenced to spend the majority of your life in prison.

After two decades behind bars, your appeal finally earns you your freedom. How would you feel? Certainly there would be some relief to be able to walk free and restart your life on your own terms. But more than likely you'd also feel anger and resentment toward the justice system that failed you. What recourse do you have to seek restitution for losing the best years of your life?

Understanding fault in a car-bicycle collision

If a car and a bicycle collide on the road, who is to blame? Many of us have a clear understanding of traffic rules pertaining to cars, but in order to understand fault in such an accident, it's also necessary to understand the applicable bicycle laws on the roadway.

In Ohio, there are a number of bicycle laws that could have an impact on fault. In this article, we examine some key bicycle laws that may be considered in the event of an accident. Some of them may surprise you:

Drunk driving or road rage? How to spot the difference.

If you’re driving down the road and see someone driving carelessly, it’s important to be able to make an educated assessment of the cause of their behavior. Is it a case of road rage or drunk driving? Knowing the difference can help you determine how best to respond to keep yourself safe.

Indicators of road rage

When your trip to the dentist leads to medical complications

Nobody really looks forward to going to the dentist. But when you do bite the bullet and go in for necessary care, you don't expect to come out worse off than you started. Whether you suffer permanent nerve damage following a tooth extraction, or your dentist failed to diagnose your gum disease in time, you have legal recourse to seek restitution.

Today we discuss the basics of a dental malpractice lawsuit:

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