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How to treat a dog bite wound

Do you get nervous in the presence of dogs? Perhaps you didn't grow up with any dogs, so you don't have much experience around them. Maybe you suffered a traumatic dog bite earlier in life and are now scared to be near them. Or you may like dogs okay, but you're just not sure how to interact with them.

If hanging around dogs isn't second nature to you, it's worth learning how to read their signals so that you can better predict their behavior. When you misinterpret the messages they're sending, you have a greater likely of being bitten. In today's post, we discuss what you should do if a dog bites you.

New technology on and above Ohio roadways

Motor vehicle accidents can happen for any number of reasons ranging from inclement weather to roadway obstructions or impaired drivers. Rapidly changing road conditions add difficulty to the usual flow of traffic and increase the likelihood of catastrophic accidents.

DriveOhio, a research center focused on enhanced mobility projects supported by the Ohio Department of Transportation, is looking to use new technologies to eliminate some of these added challenges.

Safety considerations when getting laser hair removal

Over a decade ago, celebrities were the first to have access to laser hair removal--a treatment designed to permanently remove unwanted body hair. The procedure was expensive and only available in limited facilities. Since that time, however, the market for such treatment has flourished. Laser hair removal centers are popping up all over the country--and treatments are more affordable than ever.

If you hate shaving daily, and waxing makes you cringe, the prospect of permanently removing your body hair with a simple light may sounds like a dream come true. However, like any medical procedure, laser hair removal is not without its risks. In today's post, we offer important safety information on this treatment.

3 essential legal protections for your business

Starting your own business can be an exciting time. Maybe you’ve just quit your corporate job and have finally worked up the courage to branch out on your own. You may be filled with ambition and creative energies—eager to get things running.

While your enthusiasm will certainly be a valuable asset in your new business, you should be careful not to jump into things too quickly. Establishing the right legal foundation for your new business from the onset can prove to be extremely worthwhile as your company grows. In today’s post, we examine three key protections you should be sure to put in place:

Afraid of dogs? Learn to speak their language.

Dogs can be a joy to be around. However, just like humans, not all dogs behave the same way all the time. Maybe you went to a barbeque at your friend's house, and his dog jumped on your lap and showered you with affection. However, when you spotted the same dog sitting alone in the front yard the following week, you went over to pet him, and he tried to attack you.

Now you're confused. You'd met this dog before, so you figured you were safe around him. What changed?

The dangers of entrusting your care to a professional guardian

In previous posts, we’ve discussed some of the pervasive issues surrounding nursing home abuse in the United States. However, there is another form of elder abuse that is less publicized: the financial exploitation of elderly people by their guardians.

When an elderly person begins to display signs of dementia, if the court deems them to be unable to make responsible decisions pertaining to their own health and property, then a guardian may take over these duties on the elder person’s behalf. It may seem like a straightforward system designed to protect vulnerable adults. However, there are actually significant flaws in the system.

The essentials of a business partnership agreement

When a business disputes arises between partners, it’s often the result of insufficient discussion from the onset. Before you go into business with someone, it’s important to get on the same page about all of the implications of the business relationship—now and in the future. You probably won’t go into business with someone expecting trouble, but anticipating any hypothetical hurdles can be a valuable step in avoiding conflict further down the line.

Just as a prenup helps couples to work through differences in their married relationship, drafting a robust partnership agreement makes solid business sense. In today’s post, we examine some key elements such an agreement should include:

Challenges of international business disputes

Ohio companies are increasingly participating in the global economy for a variety of benefits. International trade opens the possibility to share technology, locate top talent and access new markets.

When a problem arises, however, this resource can create hurdles for a business. Whether the dispute involves a manufacturer, vendor or partner, geography can change how the owner needs to approach the situation.

Is a handwritten agreement a legally binding business contract?

You probably know that if you sign a business contract with a partner company, you’re legally obligated to abide by its terms. But what if you and your business partner agree to certain conditions over lunch, and you draft an informal agreement together on your notepad? Can this type of agreement be legally binding?

According to a recent ruling by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, the answer is “yes.”

Why you should avoid the hospital in the summer

The summer is quickly approaching. Time to hit the beach, take your boat out on the lake or pull your bike out of hibernation. Whatever your plans, it’s especially important to take any measures you can to keep yourself safe and healthy this summer.

Of course, it’s not possible to avoid every illness or injury, but you would be well advised to avoid a hospital stay at this time of year, if possible. Why? Medical mistakes spike in the summer months, which can lead to unnecessary complications—or even death.

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