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8 nursing home residents die after air conditioning failure

During regular tours or visits to a nursing home, the facility may seem well taken care of. Staffing levels can be appropriate; it can look neat and clean; residents may seem calm and well attended. However, a facility may not be as safe and attentive as it seems in times when these features prove to be the most critical.

What do people stand to gain from filing a wrongful death claim?

Losing a loved one in an accident is a catastrophic event from which people may never fully recover. And while there is no way to undo the death or truly compensate people for this type of loss, there are a few important reasons to consider filing a legal claim in the aftermath of these situations.

Damages from car crash can be much more serious than you think

Imagine you are driving home from work. You are ready to unwind, spend time with your family and maybe go out for dinner. As you plan your evening, though, a car comes barreling through a red light at an intersection and broadsides your vehicle.

Dog bites can change a person's life

Imagine that you live across the street from someone who owns a big and seemingly dangerous dog. You rarely interact with your neighbor, let alone his or her dog, but you know of them. As the months pass, you think less and less about the potential dangers the dog may pose -- even though you have seen some suspicious behavior in the past. But then, one day, as you are outside of your home, that dog breaks free of its confines and comes charging out into the road, looking for something. Then it spots you.

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