Damages from car crash can be much more serious than you think

Imagine you are driving home from work. You are ready to unwind, spend time with your family and maybe go out for dinner. As you plan your evening, though, a car comes barreling through a red light at an intersection and broadsides your vehicle.

In the span of just a couple seconds, your entire world can be turned upside down. The damages you suffer in this type of scenario can be catastrophic and lead to dramatic, permanent changes in your life, though you might not realize just how serious they are right away. Below, we look at some of the common, but sometimes unexpected, ways your life can be seriously affected by a car accident.

Physical damage

Oftentimes, injuries from a serious car accident are devastating. Victims can suffer traumatic brain injuries that permanently affect functions like memory and mood; back and neck pain that may seem minor at first can prove to be chronic and limit a person's mobility; severe burns or lacerations can lead to disfiguring injuries that a victim cannot cover up.

Emotional damages

A serious crash has the potential to cause immense amounts of stress and anxiety for victims. And the sadness and isolation you might feel as you work through the recovery process can actually be depression. Your enjoyment of life can decline considerably if you lose a limb, cannot work, experience chronic pain or require medication that prevents you from engaging in certain activities.

Other consequences

Your injuries can make it impossible to pick up your children or teach them how to throw a baseball. Changes in your mood and personality can affect your marriage and other relationships. Instead of focusing on dinner plans and unwinding after a long day of work, you can be consumed by the recuperation process and adjusting to life after an accident.

Because of all the ways in which a serious car crash can affect your life, it can be vital that you take legal action to secure compensation for all the damages you have suffered. Consulting an attorney to discuss your legal options can be an essential step toward recovering physically, emotionally and financially.

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