Dog bites can change a person's life

Imagine that you live across the street from someone who owns a big and seemingly dangerous dog. You rarely interact with your neighbor, let alone his or her dog, but you know of them. As the months pass, you think less and less about the potential dangers the dog may pose -- even though you have seen some suspicious behavior in the past. But then, one day, as you are outside of your home, that dog breaks free of its confines and comes charging out into the road, looking for something. Then it spots you.

The dog attack ferociously, dragging you to the ground and biting you. After a few seconds -- that feel like hours -- some other neighbors come to your rescue and get the dog off of you. 911 is called and you are taken away in an ambulance after suffering some serious injuries.

This hypothetical situations happens thousands of times a year all across the country. Dog owners have a responsibility to not just themselves and their dogs, but to the public, to make sure that their pet it properly trained and socialized. Otherwise these dog attacks will keep happening and innocent lives will be changed forever.

Michael B. Pasternak has extensive experience helping victims of dog bite incidents with their cases. We will review every aspect of your case and advocate on your behalf as you try to earn compensation for the wrongful and horrible treatment you had to endure at the hands of a dangerous animal.

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