Liability for crash could fall on parties nowhere near the road

After any car accident, the first thing most people want to know is who was at fault. Did someone run a red light? Was the driver drunk?

In some cases, it might be easy to figure out liability because the cause of the crash appears to be obvious. In other cases, however, it can be more difficult to establish liability, particularly when a party who may be accountable was nowhere near the scene of the accident. 

Recently, for instance, a young actor’s car accident raised concerns that conditions on a TV set could be posing a threat to the safety of cast and crew members. According to reports, the actor had been working for 14.2 hours before he got in his car to drive home. He evidently fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into a light pole.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident, though the actor’s car was seriously damaged.

The incident has called into question whether the studio is putting actors in danger by having them work such long hours before driving home. Actors are not specifically provided drivers after long shoots; they must request a ride or hotel room if they feel as if they are unsafe to drive.

The problem with this is that many people do not think that being sleepy or tired makes them unsafe to drive. They can also underestimate their fatigue and impairment. And unlike alcohol, there is no test a person can take to measure their level of drowsiness.

In cases similar to this one that also involve victims with serious or fatal injuries, there could be grounds to hold accountable a party who may have contributed to the unsafe behaviors of the driver who caused the accident. However, the legal complexities of this are such that a person would benefit from discussing their options and case with an experienced attorney. 

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