Do drivers feel obligated to drive while distracted?

Nearly every driver understands the risks of using a phone to call, text or browse the Internet while driving. Sadly, most people still engage in this distracted behavior.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured in crashes involving distracted driving. And according to recent studies, employers and bosses could play an unfortunate role in this troubling trend. 

Workplace pressures, obligations inside the car

According to a distracted driving survey commissioned by Travelers, about 50 percent of drivers between 18 and 44, and 33 percent of drivers between 45 and 64, use their phone for work-related purposes while driving. 

Another survey that focused on millennial drivers revealed that about 25 percent of those who use their phone while driving do so because they don't want their bosses to get mad at them.

These studies paint a disturbing picture of people who feel obligated or are willing to put a job ahead of their own safety and the safety of those around them.

What can be done to stop this?

There are ways to curb these behaviors. For instance, employers should set and enforce strict policies regarding phone use while driving; employees can pull off the road to respond to work-related calls, texts or emails. Whatever the solution might be, preventing distracted driving should be the top priority.

Whether a driver feels pressured to answer a call or is simply bored and wanting to send a quick text, he or she can be a very real threat to other people's safety. Too many people fail to take this threat seriously, and tragically, others often pay the price for this mistake.

In the event that a distracted driver causes an accident involving other motorists, pedestrians or bicyclists, legal action may be warranted. For information on filing a legal claim and pursuing compensation after these types of accidents, you can consult a personal injury attorney.

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