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A powerful tool for training your dog

It is a dog owner's legal responsibility to take whatever steps possible to prevent their dog from attacking humans or animals. If your dog bites someone, you could be on the hook--with the possibility of facing civil and/or criminal charges. Learning how to properly train your dog is key to helping keep you and your dog out of trouble. Still, many dog owners are unaware of how to successfully train their dogs. Today we provide you with a simple strategy to get you started.

Self-driving cars introduced into senior living community

The Villages, America’s largest retirement community, is breaking new ground on the technology front. It has installed a fleet of self-driving vehicles in the 750-mile, gated community—giving back mobility to elderly residents who no longer drive.

Drunk driver not automatically at fault in a car accident

You might think that determining the guilty party is a no-brainer in drunk driving accidents. However, a recent accident in Orange shows otherwise. The head-on collision took place on a Friday night last month. On his way home from a casino, a man crashed into a woman while she was maneuvering around a car that had been parked in the middle of the road.

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