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Eating while driving: an undiscussed safety concern

You’ve decided to take a cross country road trip. Your goal is to make it from Cleveland to Los Angeles in four days. With such a tight timeframe, you probably don’t have much time for unnecessary breaks. Consequently, you’re eating most of your meals on the road.

What can a family member do to prevent nursing home neglect?

In a previous post, we discussed a common ailment among nursing home residents: bedsores. These are a category of pressure-induced ulcers on the skin, which can be a sign of neglectful treatment by caregivers.

How Ohio is taking Big Pharma to court

Vinton County is an unassuming rural region about 70 miles south of Columbus. As the least populated county in Ohio, it’s possible you’ve never even heard of it. Yet Vinton County is a leading example of how devastating the effects of opioid addiction can be on a community.

How to create an enforceable non-compete agreement in Ohio

An employer in any industry has the right to require their employees to sign a non-compete agreement—a contract in which the employee promises not to work in competition with the employer, in the event that the employee leaves the company.

When business partners argue

Like a family, many business partners find success by putting all of their emotions and dreams into the partnership. It is only to be expected from driven, entrepreneurial people. But those emotions can run too high when there is a dispute between partners.

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