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Why it pays to take your time to settle after a car crash

A car crash can happen in a flash. One moment you’re driving down the road, happy as a clam. The next minute, you wake up in the hospital. You’re bruised and broken, and your mind is racing with concerns about your family, your job and how this accident will impact your life.

Understanding the risk of fire in electric cars

It’s a regular Tuesday night. You’ve fed the dog and put the kids to sleep. You finally have a moment to yourself. You settle into the couch with a good book, ready to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet before bed. Suddenly, you notice the smell of smoke. You wander around the house and find nothing. Then you glance out the window and notice your garage has erupted into flames. You hurry to evacuate your family from the house and call 9-1-1. If the fire had started after you’d fallen asleep, you might not have been so lucky.

How to treat a dog bite wound

Do you get nervous in the presence of dogs? Perhaps you didn't grow up with any dogs, so you don't have much experience around them. Maybe you suffered a traumatic dog bite earlier in life and are now scared to be near them. Or you may like dogs okay, but you're just not sure how to interact with them.

New technology on and above Ohio roadways

Motor vehicle accidents can happen for any number of reasons ranging from inclement weather to roadway obstructions or impaired drivers. Rapidly changing road conditions add difficulty to the usual flow of traffic and increase the likelihood of catastrophic accidents.

Safety considerations when getting laser hair removal

Over a decade ago, celebrities were the first to have access to laser hair removal--a treatment designed to permanently remove unwanted body hair. The procedure was expensive and only available in limited facilities. Since that time, however, the market for such treatment has flourished. Laser hair removal centers are popping up all over the country--and treatments are more affordable than ever.

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