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Proof is in the numbers: Nursing homes are understaffed

Nursing home residents and families have suspected it for years, but the proof is in the numbers - nursing home facilities are understaffed. New federal data shows that a majority of nursing homes had far fewer aides and nurses staffed than they reported to Medicare.

How pregnancy can increase your risk of a car accident

We all know that we should exhibit safe driving behavior whenever we’re on the road. If we’ve had a few drinks at the bar, we know to find a sober ride home. We know to avoid texting while driving. However, there are other life circumstances that can amplify our likelihood of getting into an accident—and we may not even realize it.

Ohio leads the north in hot car deaths

When you leave your kid with a babysitter during the day, you trust them to place high priority on your child’s safety whether they stay at home or travel. They need to keep an eye on them wherever they go and try not to leave your kid alone. If they need to stop at a store for something on a hot day, one of the biggest mistakes they can make is leaving the child in the car.

Why your brain can’t handle driving and hands-free calling

Distracted driving has become a growing subject of concern in our society. The advent of smartphones has created unprecedented opportunity for distraction in all aspects of our lives—including in the car. It used to be that the hamburger you’re eating or your screaming child in your backseat were the biggest temptations to take your concentration off the road. Nowadays, every ping on our phone represents the allure of a new text, tweet or Facebook post.

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