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Who is at fault in a pedestrian-car accident?

When a pedestrian is involved in a collision with a motor vehicle, the consequences can have life-altering physical and psychological impacts. Because of a car’s comparatively high weight and sturdiness, the damage a driver incurs from such accidents is relatively minimal. Therefore, it can be easy to automatically view the pedestrian as the victim and the driver as the guilty party.

Your risk of a fatal car crash is higher this week.

When you imagine the most dangerous time of the year to drive, certain assumptions may jump to mind. You might expect that holidays associated with heavy drinking—such as New Year’s Eve or Saint Patrick’s Day—would be especially risky. Or you could assume that the slippery road conditions in winter weather would make drivers more likely to crash.

Safety concerns over electric scooters in Cleveland

Last summer, electric scooters made an unexpected appearance in Cleveland. The scooter company Bird shows up in Cleveland one day in August, dropping off hundreds of electric scooters as part of its new rental service in the city. The electric scooter rental program operates similarly to bike-sharing services--which have become popular in many U.S. cities in the last decade.

The most common victims in hit-and-run cases

Hit-and-run injuries are often some of the most disheartening cases to deal with for both the state and the victim. Since the guilty party drives off immediately, the victim does not get a good chance to see their vehicle and license plate for identification. The court cannot file charges and the victim cannot file a claim against the driver who physically and financially damaged them.

How to help your dog adjust to a new baby

You and your dog have an established life together. Your dog relies on the comfort of the daily routine--it's how he knows everything is okay. While adding a new baby to your family may be a thrilling change for you, this abrupt deviation from the norm can be confusing and even upsetting for a dog.

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