The most common victims in hit-and-run cases

Hit-and-run injuries are often some of the most disheartening cases to deal with for both the state and the victim. Since the guilty party drives off immediately, the victim does not get a good chance to see their vehicle and license plate for identification. The court cannot file charges and the victim cannot file a claim against the driver who physically and financially damaged them.

Unfortunately, these are becoming more common despite the increase in law enforcement. Since 2012, fatal hit-and-run crashes have increased in Ohio by more than 50 percent. Anyone on the road can be a victim to these dangerous drivers. However, some are at a significantly higher risk than others. It is important to be aware who is the most at risk so you can take more precautions when you are on the road.


A study by AAA found that nearly 65 percent of hit-and-run drivers were people walking and bicycling on the road. The federation believes that it is because more cities are attempting to become more accessible towards pedestrians and want more people to talk and bike to work. The issue is, few are building crosswalks and separate bicycle lanes to accommodate these people.

The state encourages pedestrians to wear appropriate clothing to be more visible to drivers. Night time tends to be the most frequent time of the day where these incidents happen, so reflective clothing that their lights can shine on will alert them of your presence. Bicyclists should also have the proper front and rear lighting since they are often on the same lane as the vehicles.


Motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer the consequences of a hit-and-run than cars. They are harder to spot for drivers and are often sidelined. The family and friends of a former motorcyclist in Columbus last week can attest to that. Additionally, a motorcyclist is ejected from their vehicle and often receive worse injuries than car drivers. This means that the guilty party has a better chance with getting away because the motorcyclist has a worse chance of seeing their vehicle or getting up to chase them down.

It can be months or years before the motorist that struck you is finally caught. You may need assistance with your current damages or preparing to file a claim when you get your chance. A personal injury attorney can help you in healing from this unbearably frustrating situation.

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