This holiday weekend, watch out for these safety risks

Thanksgiving is upon is—the start of a six-week long holiday season. You may be eagerly anticipating your aunt’s homemade stuffing. Or maybe you’re looking forward to hearing your uncle tell the same cheesy anecdotes for the hundredth time.

But amidst the joy of this holiday time, it’s also important to beware of certain safety hazards that are particular threats at this time of year. In today’s post, we outline three core hazards that deserve special attention:

  • Kitchen mishaps: Anyone can forget to turn the oven off or leave something burning on the stove. But at Thanksgiving, such mistakes are especially common. With all of the commotion of noisy guests combined with the balancing act of preparing 10 dishes at once—not to mention the added influence of alcohol—multi-tasking in the kitchen can be especially complicated on Thanksgiving. Consequently, the chance of a kitchen fire on Thanksgiving is three times higher than on any other day. In addition, the growing popularity of turkey fryers to deep fry—rather than roast—turkeys has resulted in a spike in devastating burns and emergency room visits.
  • Car accidents: While car accidents can occur anytime, the rate of such accidents skyrocket over Thanksgiving weekend. In particular, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving often has an alarming rate of traffic accidents. This day—known as Blackout Wednesday—is so named because instances of drunk driving are especially high on this day. This—combined with the high number of holiday travelers on the road—is a recipe for disaster.
  • Black Friday: Heading to the mall the day after Thanksgiving has become a holiday tradition for many families. However, the large crowds and frantic shoppers on this day have led to a phenomenon known as “retail rage.” Many shoppers have been trampled, beaten, pepper sprayed and even killed in Black Friday shopping disputes.

Staying vigilant to any of the above safety risks can help you to avoid unnecessary calamity this holiday weekend. We wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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