When a Black Friday shopping spree leads to tragedy

Accidents can happen at any time. But over the Thanksgiving holiday, the risks are especially high. In particular, holiday shopping the day after Thanksgiving often results in serious personal injury—or even death.

Black Friday first got its name to signify the day of the year on which retailers “go in the black”—i.e., run their businesses at a profit. However, nowadays, the name also makes reference to the high rate of accidents and violence on this day.

In today’s post, we examine some of the common accidents that occur on Black Friday.

In the store

Swarms of frantic shoppers can quickly lead to cut-throat, out-of-control behavior. Shoppers have been known to get into brawls with other shoppers or employees on Black Friday. Assault has been reported—including pulling of hair and even teeth. Sometimes such scuffles have led to stabbing or shooting. Undeliberate deaths have also occurred, when fallen shoppers have been trampled to death by crowds.

Outside the store

Black Friday dangers don’t end once you leave the mall. It’s worth remembering that many Black Friday shoppers wait in line all night for the stores to open. Therefore, once the shopping spree is over, their sleep-deprived, exhausted state behind the wheel often leads to a surge in devastating car crashes.

You shouldn’t have to put your life at risk just to attend a shopping event. If you or a loved one suffered injury on Black Friday, it’s important to get a comprehensive medical evaluation immediately. Then, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to understand your legal recourse.

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