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Three East Cleveland men released after 20 years in prison now suing detectives

In 2015, three East Cleveland men were released from prison after serving 20 years for a murder they did not commit. They are now asking an Ohio jury to find East Cleveland and three detectives in their case guilty of violating their civil rights.

When business partners argue

Like a family, many business partners find success by putting all of their emotions and dreams into the partnership. It is only to be expected from driven, entrepreneurial people. But those emotions can run too high when there is a dispute between partners.

Spring driving hazards

Spring can be a variable season with fluctuating temperatures, wind, and rain. It’s time to review ways to stay safe on the road in these changeable conditions.

What is anticipatory breach of contract?

What happens when expectancy turns into impatience in the business world? An anticipatory breach of contract may be filed. Anticipation, and the lack of delivery on it as expected is both interesting and relevant part of business contract law. Here are some important points about anticipatory breach and examples of how it is used in the business world.

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