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What to do if you get into an accident in a rental car

Getting into a car accident is always stressful. But when you crash in a rental car, this can add extra anxiety and uncertainty to an already upsetting situation. You may panic because you don’t know what the procedure is in this case. How should your response differ from getting into an accident in your own car?

New safety recommendations for children’s car seats

As a new parent, you may be overwhelmed with the inundation of considerations and responsibilities you’re suddenly faced with. You’re expected to make dozens of decisions you’ve never even thought about. Many of these decisions are far from intuitive. Traveling with your baby by car can be especially complicated:

How pregnancy can increase your risk of a car accident

We all know that we should exhibit safe driving behavior whenever we’re on the road. If we’ve had a few drinks at the bar, we know to find a sober ride home. We know to avoid texting while driving. However, there are other life circumstances that can amplify our likelihood of getting into an accident—and we may not even realize it.

Why your brain can’t handle driving and hands-free calling

Distracted driving has become a growing subject of concern in our society. The advent of smartphones has created unprecedented opportunity for distraction in all aspects of our lives—including in the car. It used to be that the hamburger you’re eating or your screaming child in your backseat were the biggest temptations to take your concentration off the road. Nowadays, every ping on our phone represents the allure of a new text, tweet or Facebook post.

Why it pays to take your time to settle after a car crash

A car crash can happen in a flash. One moment you’re driving down the road, happy as a clam. The next minute, you wake up in the hospital. You’re bruised and broken, and your mind is racing with concerns about your family, your job and how this accident will impact your life.

Understanding the risk of fire in electric cars

It’s a regular Tuesday night. You’ve fed the dog and put the kids to sleep. You finally have a moment to yourself. You settle into the couch with a good book, ready to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet before bed. Suddenly, you notice the smell of smoke. You wander around the house and find nothing. Then you glance out the window and notice your garage has erupted into flames. You hurry to evacuate your family from the house and call 9-1-1. If the fire had started after you’d fallen asleep, you might not have been so lucky.

How diet can improve brain recovery after a catastrophic accident

Driving can be a dangerous activity. If you’re barreling down the road at 70 miles per hour and something goes awry, there’s only so much your seat belt and air bags can do to keep you safe. You could end up with serious injuries such as whiplash or broken bones. In especially severe cases, you could even sustain injury to your brain.

Eating while driving: an undiscussed safety concern

You’ve decided to take a cross country road trip. Your goal is to make it from Cleveland to Los Angeles in four days. With such a tight timeframe, you probably don’t have much time for unnecessary breaks. Consequently, you’re eating most of your meals on the road.

Understanding fault in a car-bicycle collision

If a car and a bicycle collide on the road, who is to blame? Many of us have a clear understanding of traffic rules pertaining to cars, but in order to understand fault in such an accident, it's also necessary to understand the applicable bicycle laws on the roadway.

Drunk driving or road rage? How to spot the difference.

If you’re driving down the road and see someone driving carelessly, it’s important to be able to make an educated assessment of the cause of their behavior. Is it a case of road rage or drunk driving? Knowing the difference can help you determine how best to respond to keep yourself safe.

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