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How to help your dog adjust to a new baby

You and your dog have an established life together. Your dog relies on the comfort of the daily routine--it's how he knows everything is okay. While adding a new baby to your family may be a thrilling change for you, this abrupt deviation from the norm can be confusing and even upsetting for a dog.

How to treat a dog bite wound

Do you get nervous in the presence of dogs? Perhaps you didn't grow up with any dogs, so you don't have much experience around them. Maybe you suffered a traumatic dog bite earlier in life and are now scared to be near them. Or you may like dogs okay, but you're just not sure how to interact with them.

Afraid of dogs? Learn to speak their language.

Dogs can be a joy to be around. However, just like humans, not all dogs behave the same way all the time. Maybe you went to a barbeque at your friend's house, and his dog jumped on your lap and showered you with affection. However, when you spotted the same dog sitting alone in the front yard the following week, you went over to pet him, and he tried to attack you.

A powerful tool for training your dog

It is a dog owner's legal responsibility to take whatever steps possible to prevent their dog from attacking humans or animals. If your dog bites someone, you could be on the hook--with the possibility of facing civil and/or criminal charges. Learning how to properly train your dog is key to helping keep you and your dog out of trouble. Still, many dog owners are unaware of how to successfully train their dogs. Today we provide you with a simple strategy to get you started.

Dog bites can change a person's life

Imagine that you live across the street from someone who owns a big and seemingly dangerous dog. You rarely interact with your neighbor, let alone his or her dog, but you know of them. As the months pass, you think less and less about the potential dangers the dog may pose -- even though you have seen some suspicious behavior in the past. But then, one day, as you are outside of your home, that dog breaks free of its confines and comes charging out into the road, looking for something. Then it spots you.

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