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Esteemed medical center accused of kidnapping patient

When you're admitted to a hospital, there are probably many concerns running through your mind. You may be worried about your diagnosis, whether your condition is treatable and how much your stay is going to cost you. One fear that would probably never cross your mind is the possibility that the hospital would hold you hostage. However, a recent case has brought this phenomenon of "medical kidnapping" to light.

Safety considerations when getting laser hair removal

Over a decade ago, celebrities were the first to have access to laser hair removal--a treatment designed to permanently remove unwanted body hair. The procedure was expensive and only available in limited facilities. Since that time, however, the market for such treatment has flourished. Laser hair removal centers are popping up all over the country--and treatments are more affordable than ever.

Why the right lawyer is critical for a medical malpractice suit

You've been suffering from a chronic cough for weeks. You finally go to the doctor, who runs a cursory examination and diagnoses you with allergies. He recommends you take an antihistamine and sends you on your way.

When your trip to the dentist leads to medical complications

Nobody really looks forward to going to the dentist. But when you do bite the bullet and go in for necessary care, you don't expect to come out worse off than you started. Whether you suffer permanent nerve damage following a tooth extraction, or your dentist failed to diagnose your gum disease in time, you have legal recourse to seek restitution.

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